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Administrative and Clerical Jobs:
The Backbone to a Thriving Company

Administrative support jobs and clerical jobs are important additions to every workplace. They keep everyone organized and help the overall business function properly. This is a very broad job market with many different opportunities. Having strong attention to detail, adaptability, time management and outstanding communication skills are needed in order to be successful in administrative support jobs. These positions require some computer background, basic typing skills and knowledge in programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, but your ability to think on your feet and provide creative solutions will separate you from the pack. Tri-Starr Personnel matches excellent candidates with the jobs for companies that are eager to grow and give back to San Antonio’s Community.

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Common Duties of Administrative Support Jobs & Clerical Positions

  • Maintaining Files & Records
    A company is only as organized as its leaders. Maintaining files and records so leaders and employees can access the information they need to function efficiently is vital for a smoothly running company.
  • Answering Phone Calls
    Answering the phone means you are often creating the first impression for the company. Great service will require you to master the phone system so you can easily redirect calls to appropriate people and take detailed messages.
  • Assist with Office Management
    The everyday functions of an office are made up of hundreds of tiny tasks that are responsible for everything from morale, to employees hitting deadlines properly. The ability to communicate well with all levels within a company and reliably keep an office running makes a huge difference in the day-to-day experiences of everyone on the team.

San Antonio Administrative Support Jobs & Clerical Positions Often Filled by Tri-Starr Personnel

A receptionist is the first person to greet someone when they step into the office. They handle most of the phone calls that come in through the main line, help organize files and documents, provide administrative support, data entry, managing appointments, and various other tasks. You must have great written and oral communication skills as well as a friendly and vibrant personality to be successful in this role.

Executive Assistant
An executive assistant helps with secretarial and administrative support.  In this role, you will help with the planning of events, meeting & conferences, prepare & analyze reports, produce presentations & briefs, and handle miscellaneous tasks that the executives need.

Office Manager
Office managers require strong administrative experience. They are responsible for organizational tasks and coordinating administrative duties. They make sure everything is running smoothly and create a pleasant work environment. Some of the tasks may include scheduling appointments, providing administrative support to employees, managing payroll, taking care of mail, and maintaining office equipment. Interested in learning more about temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire administrative/clerical jobs? Contact Tri-Starr Personnel today and a member of our recruiting team will reach out to help push your career forward.


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