How Tri-Starr Can Help with Your Confidential Search

Great companies are built one employee at a time. The right people make all the difference when it comes to corporate culture and are a reflection of what your company stands for. This makes hiring and retaining top talent critical. A confidential search is necessary when a company needs to find an employee’s replacement without publicly posting the job. It can be a tricky situation that’s best handled by professionals.

That’s where Tri-Starr comes into play, let us enable you with:

  • A deep and wide network of candidates

Tri-Starr begins an intensive yet under the radar search for the perfect candidate. We comb through our network to find qualified candidates and even reach out to people who currently have jobs that are a good fit for the position. Because this is a confidential search, we take all precautions to make sure your company’s identity is kept under wraps.

  • Create and provide you with a candidate profile tailored to your requirements

Tri-starr will craft a description of the person you’re looking for and the position to fill in broad terms, leaving out the specific industry, size of your team or company, or any other identifying details that could lead back to your company specifically.

  • Experience with ensuring confidentiality remains intact

When we find great candidates for your company through our confidential search process, we begin the interview process. We keep things discreet to avoid red flags within your organization. All communication and meetings are kept confidential.

  • Staffed to source top talent candidates

The recruiters at Tri-Starr are dedicated to placing the best candidates to the best companies. Our network is filled with only the top talent candidates and we will only provide the candidate that best fits your requirements.

WHY people choose Tri-Starr:

  • We are homegrown in San Antonio with common local vision and goals!
  • We’re a flexible & nimble organization, ZERO RED TAPE means FASTER RESULTS!
  • We understand the sense of urgency and speed when it comes to staffing. We help first and ask questions later!

With a confidential search through Tri-Starr, you can find a perfect candidate for the role that needs to be replaced quietly. Since this is a sensitive time for your company, leave the tough stuff to us and focus on continuing to guide your organization to new heights of success. Contact us today to talk through your staffing needs.

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