COVID-19 Has Affected Us All. Learn How Our First To Work Program Can Help

COVID-19 is more than just a public health emergency – it’s also an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude. As the U.S. prepares to enter its second consecutive month of lockdown, huge numbers of businesses are continually being pushed to the edge of bankruptcy, and entire sectors of industry are now in jeopardy. It’s becoming increasingly clear that many jobs and organizations are going to be irrevocably changed by the economic impact of the pandemic.

If you’re concerned about the future of your career path after COVID-19, you are by no means alone. Thankfully, Tri-Starr’s First To Work Program may be able to provide you with some support as you prepare to re-enter the workforce. Read on to learn more!

The Impact of COVID-19

According to a recent poll, roughly 43% of Americans have now lost their job or seen a significant reduction in their income as a consequence of the coronavirus. This massive wave of unemployment has ushered in a period of extreme volatility and uncertainty for the U.S. economy. Today, we’re witnessing the country’s sharpest and steepest economic decline in history.

What Does the Future Hold?

But just like all crises, this one too shall pass. It may take weeks, it may take months – but eventually, the gears of the U.S. economy will kick back into a healthy and productive rhythm. When they do, and when businesses begin to reopen their doors, employers are going to need professionals who have the skills and the mindset to be able to jump back right into the flow of things.

With Tri-Starr’s First To Work program, you can help to ensure that you’ll be in the first wave of post-pandemic hires. If your previous employer or industry is unlikely to bounce back anytime soon, we can also help to get you connected with opportunities in other fields.

Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Submit your information online.
  2. A Tri-Starr recruiter will call you as soon as a position that matches your experience, expectations, and skill set becomes available.
  3. Start the application process and be the First To Work!

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If you’re eager to return to work and to find a job in your industry that will be well-suited to your unique resume, our recruiters can help! Submit your information today to join the First To Work program.

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