Give Your Business a Competitive Edge with Performance Recruiting.

Your business can’t achieve maximum success without people. The right people. Skilled, experienced, efficient workers who can meet the requirements of the job—and exceed your performance expectations.

In today’s transactional world, most recruiting firms focus on speed of placement rather than quality of candidates. And once a candidate is placed, there is little follow-up to ensure they’re a great fit for your organization.

At Tri-Starr Group, we’ve evolved beyond the traditional recruiting model to create a robust process that delivers unrivaled service and results for our clients. As the innovators of Performance Recruiting, we’re dedicated to exceptional performance across the five key indicators employers care about most—efficiency, effectiveness, quality, business impact and return on investment.

Performance Recruiting is Efficient

In today’s dynamic and competitive business world, timeliness matters. Our performance recruiters work with a sense of urgency and purpose to quickly source great talent, identify the ideal fit, hire the chosen candidate and get them started as soon as possible. By leveraging efficiency throughout our search and hiring efforts, we dramatically reduce the time-to-fill so there is minimum disruption to your business-critical operations.

Performance Recruiting is Effective

Our knowledgeable performance recruiters understand the workforce demands across a variety of business sectors. Just as important, they have extensive industry contacts. Because we are tapped into the needs of our clients, we can quickly identify and connect with extremely qualified candidates—substantially reducing the time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and recruiting-cost ratios.

Performance Recruiting is Quality-Driven

Our candidate pipeline focuses on quality, not quantity. By being selective, performance recruiting fosters quality across every aspect of the sourcing and placement lifecycle, including optimized ratios for: resumes vs. candidates; candidates vs. interviews; interviews vs. offers; and offers vs. placements.

Performance Recruiting Makes a Positive Impact

More than anything, Tri-Starr Group wants to be a trusted contributor to our clients’ success. The best way we can do this is by ensuring you are completely satisfied with the quality of our candidates and their performance. Our methodology includes employer satisfaction surveys to track each candidate’s desired versus actual job performance at 30, 90 and 180 days, along with an annual review. Candidate satisfactions surveys are also conducted at 30, 60, 90 and 180 days after onboarding, as well as annually.

Performance Recruiting Delivers Return on Investment

Tri-Starr’s comprehensive methodology ensures our clients enjoy the maximum return on their investment. By minimizing the hiring cycle, lowering the cost-per-hire and reducing vacancy costs, we help our clients leverage the financial and “on-demand” operational benefits of contingent staffing—benefits that are vital to boosting their efficiency and their bottom line.

With Tri-Starr Group’s Performance Recruiting, your organization has an inside track on attracting and retaining the highly sought-after employees who will contribute to the success of your business today and into the future.

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