How Tri-Starr Can Assist with Your Help Desk Overflow

Help Desks are on the frontline when it comes to customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction. They are often the first contact that your customers call when they are the most vulnerable. When customers call into a help desk, the expectation is that the problem they are faced with will be solved quickly and efficiently. It is critical for all organizations that your Help Desk be adequately staffed, reliable, and consistently professional. Learn more about how Tri-Starr takes all of this into consideration and can assist you with your help desk overflow needs.

Help Desk needs can be seasonal and they can switch between high and low volume needs regularly. The dynamic nature of help desks make them hard to staff and at risk for a high churn rate. This can make the hiring and on-boarding of help desk staff a perpetual task with significant cost to your company.

Tri-Starr can help you breakthrough your help desk overflow needs by taking the burden off of you and into our hands.

We work with you on:

  • Accessing a deep and wide network of candidates
  • Ongoing focused sourcing of help desk candidates
  • Interviewing and qualifying potential help desk employees
  • Onboarding your help desk staff

Tri-Starr is an extension of our clients hiring teams for all help desk needs.

Our customers appreciate value added services such as:

  • Education on running, staffing, and managing Help Desk Staff
  • Enablement on industry and market trends specific to Help Desk needs
  • Real time analysis and statistics on help desk hiring and turnover

WHY people chose Tri-Starr:

  • We are homegrown in San Antonio with common local vision and goals!
  • We’re a flexible & nimble organizations, ZERO RED TAPE mean FASTER RESULTS!
  • We understand the sense of urgency and speed when it comes to staffing. We help first and ask questions later!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your help desk overflow!

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