Tips & Tricks for Enhancing Your Resume

It’s time to impress your (potential) new employer. The first step is to really wow them with your resume, but you can’t remember the last time you updated it. It’s important to keep your resume as current and relevant as possible. You need it to be eye catching and ultimately stand out compared to everyone else applying for this job. Follow these simple tips to update your resume and increase the chances of landing your dream job:

Formatting is Key

Make your resume clean, sleek and have all the important information at the top. No one wants to see a dull resume that is cluttered and unorganized. Use italics and bold (sparingly, of course) for emphasis on important information and key points that your employer will look for.


Make sure to have updated contact information at the top. This includes your address, email, telephone number and LinkedIn profile. You can also link to your portfolio or blog if it will increase your chances of getting the job you’re applying for.


Use Relevant Information

If you are applying to become a computer programmer, there is no need to put your babysitting job that you had for a year in college. Put down information that shows your experience in this field. Maybe you took an extra course over the summer about machine learning that could be beneficial to this company, or completed an unpaid internship with a company developing an app. Think about your past experiences and how the skills you used can relate to this job.

Soft Skills are Important

While having professional work experience is important, soft skills have become equally as necessary. Skills like communication, leadership and public speaking are all great examples of soft skills. Be prepared to give a specific time when you used these soft skills and why it is important to have them for this particular position.

Personalize the File Name

This is more important than you think. You want your resume to be different and be easily accessible during the hiring process. Naming your file “resume” can easily get lost in the 30 different resumes they receive. Personalize it with your name, year and possibly the job title (if it isn’t too long). This way, the employer will be able to distinguish your resume among the many others.

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When you send off your email to the employer, be sure to use correct grammar, spell their name correctly and be as professional as possible. After the initial interview, don’t forget to send a thank you letter for taking time out of their day to speak with you. Good luck!

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